» Check the history of the best Backstreet Boys lead singer!

Check the history of the best Backstreet Boys lead singer!

Nicholas Carter is an American artist and musician. The lead singer of the band "Backstreet Boys". Author of 2 solo albums. He played the main role in the motion picture " Return to the sleepy hollow". Also, he directed the short film "The Pendant".

Nicholas was conceived in January 1980, in the United States, the state of New York. A member of the big family, Nick has 3 sisters and a sibling, moved to the province of Florida. Carter's folks kept a bar and a nursing home. They were occupied with business, yet had room schedule-wise to give a ton of time to kids. Nicholas cherished his sisters, celebrated at the presence of his solitary sibling, and secretly dreamt to become a musician and sell a lot of the Backstreet Boys tickets to the masses of fans (although, he did not know he’ll play in the boy band yet). Nick helped parents to raise babies. He also remebers that he shook his sister in a lounger so much that she was unsteady.

Nick before long understood that he was enamored with music. I learned at a conventional school for just 4 years. He additionally figured out how to assume a job in the play "Apparition of the Opera" for the school theater. His saint sang in front of an audience. The little performing artist got an overwhelming applause from the group of onlookers, wound up prevalent in the city and school. After the debut of the play there were offers to be the legend of plugs.

In youth, he took an interest in different castings and acted in plugs. Made an interpretation of to self-teaching to have room schedule-wise to make a profession. At 10 years old he showed up in the film "Edward Scissorhands". The job was long winded.

In 1992 he was chosen to the band "Backstreet Boys". Together with E. Maclin, H. Dorow was the principal individual from the disco band.


The Backstreet Boys gathered in the mid 90s turned out to be well known in the USA and Europe. Before the second's over thousand years, they were known even by the individuals who never took an extraordinary enthusiasm for music. The adolescent pop band was recorded on the Guinness Book of Records. They earned a ton of cash selling albums and Backstreet Boys tickets to the concerts, and also founded their successful companies

Since 2000, Nick has been one of the proprietors of N-Control Management. Enables the band To break Out to organize a visit, orchestrates shows.

In 2002, Carter recorded the principal solo album - "Presently or never". He wound up gold. It sold around 70 thousand circles. The style of the works was altogether different from the tunes of "Backstreet Boys", near shake.

The arrival of the album is trailed by Nick's performance visit. Carter's tunes are the pioneers of the diagrams. Utilized in the TV show "Carter House".

In 2005, Nick recorded the melody "Bid a fond farewell" for another album. He dealt with it with Tommy Lee.

In 2009, sings a two part harmony with Jennifer Page. They sang the melody "Delightful lie", which took nineteenth place in the hit procession of Germany.

In 2011, Nicholas dispatches another performance album - " I'm Taking Off ". Nick spent on its production of 8 years. Produces a drive available to be purchased in the United States, Japan, Germany. The Japanese valued Carter's melodic works. His album is on the eighth place in their outlines. It sold around 20 thousand duplicates.

Being occupied with their own innovativeness, Nick does not disregard the band. He leaves its organization just for a long time (2002-2004). He is as yet an individual from the Backstreet Boys. An album was recorded, lead to the huge sales of the Backstreet Boys tickets, committed to the commemoration of their joint inventive movement. Backstreet Boys turned 20 years of age in 2012.


Nicholas featured in a few blood and gore movies.

He acknowledged the offer from the Independent Cinema of the United States to wind up one of the primary characters of the motion picture "The Fast and the Furious." It was discharged in 2010.

Nick attempted on himself and the job of the executive of the short film "The Pendant" (Russian "Pendant").


Nicholas Carter is worried about the condition of nature. He is particularly worried about the seas. He invests a great deal of time and vitality on organizations to spare the world's seas. He was occupied with the execution of the UN program to spare nature, the insurance of coral reefs.

In 2007 he got a capable post: diplomat of the International Year of the Dolphin.